Safety Floor Stickers

Keep your distance when shopping

Floor stickers at points of sale reminding you to keep a safe distance during the epidemiological condition. This solution allows you to effectively maintain the required social distance, and thus increase the level of security for customers and employees of many public utilities.

warning floor stickers

Warning floor stickers are a clear message that you can’t pass by indifferently.

Warning Floor Stickers are dedicated to shops, supermarkets, offices, customer service points, medical facilities and everywhere where there is increased consumer traffic. Laminate protection with R10 anti-slip certificate allows to obtain a high level of safety of this product.

Keeping the right distance in supermarkets and sales outlets.

The sizes can be freely adjusted to the needs. Floor stickers can be applied by point of sale employees. Removal after a period of use does not require the use of additional substances than those used on a daily basis for floor care. Stickers are designed for medium period of use, and their life is closely related to the intensity of traffic in a given place and is usually about a few weeks-months.

warning floor stickers

The warning stickers are secured with a non-slip structured laminate R10 certified.

We have prepared for you 6 basic projects for use at the price of printing, but it is also possible to print from the project provided by the customer or adapt our ready projects to specific requirements. The size can be any.