UV printing on rigid materials

Prints on: PVC, HIPS, PLEXI, DIBOND and many more …

We print on most available flat substrates used in the printing industry and dedicated for advertising applications. Our prints are most often used in visual communication (signage, signs, billboards), advertising campaigns (hangers, posters, stands), photo exhibitions and as interior elements. The maximum size of the printing plate is 250 x 300 cm and a thickness of 48 mm.

Large format UV printing for special purposes

Large format UV printing on rigid substrates at the highest resolution of 1440 dpi. This technology enables high quality images with very good abrasion and UV resistance. The most commonly used raw materials for printing are plated foam panels and hard hips boards. PVC printing is used as advertising signs, store shelves and all kinds of POS advertising items. HIPS and UV printing can be printed on both sides, cut to size or in any shape (punch) from 1 pc!