Protective Face Shields

Increased anti-virus security

We are a direct manufacturer of protective shields. Our safety shields are made of high quality flexible plastic. This raw material is neutral for human skin, resistant to mould and bacteria. It has very good transparency.

The most important features:

  • the best price
  • made in Poland
  • high transparency
  • low weight 150 gr
  • dimensions: 38 x 24 cm
  • simple assembly

The use of Face Shields

Full Face Visor reduce drip exposure and against delicate, mechanical trauma to the face. They are widely used in many areas of production, medical and sanitary services. This additional equipment increases safety within the broadly understood health and safety.

Cleaning of Protective Face Shields

Full Face Visor can be washed with an alcohol solution or mild detergents with a soft cloth to avoid scratching. Shields are reusable equipment. Our protective visors have a universal size and are very easy to install. They do not require any additional equipment to use them. They allow free air access to the user and their use together with prescription glasses and a protective mask.

Due to the open design, the visors do not constitute a full anti-virus barrier, but significantly limit direct contact with undesirable factors. Face Shields do not protect 100% against danger, but significantly reduce the potential risk of contact or injury.

The product does not contain the protective mask on the nose and mouth, presented in the pictures.