Printed Wallpaper

Wallpaper and Wallcovering with any print for: companies, offices, schools, kindergartens and public offices. The highest quality ecological Latex print.

We offer the production of photo wallpaper in any final size. We print with our certified HP Latex inks. These inks have been tested by the relevant certification authorities and approved for use inside home furnishings, offices as well as in public buildings such as schools, kindergartens and hospitals. Original ink printing guarantees the widest color gamut, saturation and highest lightfastness. Graphic wallpapers are divided into narrower sections before the print, adjusted to the width of the raw material, usually about 65, 100, 130 cm. Sections includes 1 cm overlap. In addition to production, we also make pasting wallpaper for the company and the institution. If you want to buy online, go to Supraprint24.

In the production we use the following materials::

• latex paper 212g (reinforced fiber)
• HP wallpaper – paper with pre-applied water glue
• dedicated adhesive film with special “high tac” adhesive
• vinyl and fizilla wallpaper
• structured wallpaper