Self-adhesive Printed Vinyls

Monomeric, Polymeric, Cast, Easy Dot, Bubble Free. High quality advertising printing on self-adhesive foils.

We offer most of the self-adhesive vinyls available in visual communication, advertising, interior decorations or shop windows. For printing, we use the three most popular digital printing technologies: Latex, Eco-solvent and Led-UV. Depending on the end use, we use various types of foil and select an appropriate laminate that protects the printout against fading and mechanical damage. The films are available with different types of glue: removable, permanent, gray. Mass-dyed plotter foils are available in a wide range of colours in glossy or matte versions. We cut the foils according to any shape, remove unnecessary elements and apply a transport tape to facilitate sticking of separate elements. Printing on self-adhesive foil is one of the most popular forms of advertising in stationary stores.

The most popular types of self-adhesive films on which we print:

  • monomer vinyl – the most popular, dedicated to short-term exposure and on flat surfaces.
  • high tack vinyl – with a strong adhesive with high initial adhesion. Works great as a wallpaper or a floor sticker.
  • polymeric vinyl – medium-term with the possibility of sticking on surfaces with embossing.
  • cast vinyl – long-term “automotive” film for surfaces of any shape with deep embossing.
  • easy apply vinyl – Rapid Air, Bubble Free – facilitates sticking and prevents air bubbles.
  • One Way Vision vinyl – perforated foil for shop windows and car windows
  • Easy Dot vinyl – foil with a droplet-shaped adhesive. It allows easy sticking without defects and bubbles and reposition.
  • frosted vinyl – imitation of frozen glass.
  • translucent vinyl – dedicated to backlights.
  • chrome / mirror vinyl – metallic foil imitating a mirror.
  • plotter vinyl – mass-dyed foil in a wide range of colours.

Highest quality printing on self-adhesive vinyls.

We offer prints on self-adhesive foil, which are characterized by the highest quality and lightfastness to fading. Printing on vinyls, with the use of technologies at our disposal, is primarily about the appropriate saturation of colours that are durable and do not fade. The foil stays on the covered surface for a very long time, so this form of advertising can be used for a really long time. The self-adhesive foil is intended to be used taking into account unfavorable weather conditions, therefore this type of advertisement may be placed not only indoors, but also outdoors. Durability, depending on the selected type of foil, is several years.

Depending on the requirements, we can additionally protect the foil with a glossy, matte laminate. For floor stickers, we use anti-slip laminate with R9 / R10 certificate. We cut plotter foils according to any shape and apply a transport tape on them, which enables easy sticking of free elements, e.g. letters.

Stickers and decals on vinyls for universal use.

Printouts on foil are perfect as advertising on shop windows, as markings in warehouses and means of communication. Self-adhesive foil fulfills its role as a cheap carrier for advertising campaigns in shopping malls or at gas stations. We can print an advertisement ideally suited to the surface on which it will be located. By selecting the appropriate type of foil, we can take into account the method of gluing, which will be performed by a team of experienced applicators or simply by employees of the sales network. We offer our services not only for small but also larger enterprises, as well as advertising agencies and printing houses that would like to expand the range of advertising products offered. Depending on the expectations, we use a self-adhesive foil with a permanent or removable glue and a foil that eliminates show-through. Decide on an ad in the form of a self-adhesive foil today!

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