Selfadhesive vinyls

We offer the most available adhesive film used in visual communication, advertising, interior decoration and shop windows. For printing we use the three most popular digital printing technologies: ecoslowent, latex and uv. Depending on the end-use, we use different types of foil and choose a suitable laminate that protects the print from fading and mechanical damage. Films are available in various types of adhesive; removable, permamental, gray. Plotter-plated films are available in a wide color palette in shiny or matte finish. We cut the film by. of any shape, we remove unnecessary elements and apply a transport foil to facilitate the sticking of separate elements.

The most common types of self-adhesive foils:

  • Monomeric film – dedicated for short-term exposure and flat surfaces
  • Polymeric film – medium-term with the possibility of gluing on embossed surfaces
  • Cast film – Long term for any shape with deep ribbed
  • One Way Vision film – perforated foil on the site and rear windshield
  • “easy dot” film – adhesive film with special structure allowing multiple gluing and peeling
  • frosted or frozen foil – imitation of frozen glass
  • foil with tubular adhesive, which prevents the formation of air bubbles during gluing
  • translucent film – dedicated to highlights
  • mirror film – a metallic foil imitating a mirror