Precisious cutting and miling

Cutting, milling and scoring of printed advertising graphics of any shape for panels up to size 2 x 3 m

We make use of the solution from the leading supplier of panel cutting and milling systems, the Swiss company of ZUND. A plotter provides us with industrial manufacturing capabilities and extremely large flexibility that is necessary during production. The camcorder situated in the plotter head recognizes markers printed together with the project.
On this basis it is able to cut and mill any shape with high precision, in accordance with the blanking die.Max size of processed material: 200 x 300 cm.
The most often cut and milled items are:
– foamed and hard PVC
– HIPS, foams, PET, polypropylene
– acrylic glass, dibond, plywood
– POS stands
– silhouette stands
– cardboard packaging
– elements of stand facilities
– magnetic mats
– floor stickers