Large format printing production

Large format prints on various materials.

Banner, Mesh, Blockout, Vinyl, Textiles, Forex, Dibond, Acrylic – we produce commercial graphics on most of popular materials used in the advertising industry. Thanks to the UV printing technology, we can print on almost all materials.

Our production capacity allows us to realize the majority of large format orders in the shortest possible time, even within 24 hours. Additional white dye enables us to print on transparent and in-mass colour coated materials. We can print on panels with a maximum size of 250 x 300 cm and on rolled out materials with a maximum width of up to 320 cm. Large formats are linked using panels.

The most often printed items include:
– foamed and hard PVC, HIPS, foams, PET, polypropylene
– advertising banners with eyelets
– double-sided blockout banners
– self-adhesive films – all types
– Easy Dot films – easily applied and removed
– backlight – luminous graphics
– exhibition arrangement systems (roll-up, pop-up)
– acrylic glass, dibond, plywood

We offer most finishing processes: cutting and milling according to a blanking die with a size of 2 x 3 m, laminating, eyeleting, thermal folding, sticker plotting, sticking films and photo wallpapers.