Floor stickers

Advertising you will not miss

Laminate protection with R10 anti-slip certificate allows to obtain a high level of safety for this product. Floor stickers can be cut to size (square, rectangle) or cut to die size. Projects with a width of more than 150 cm are divided into pieces with a 2 cm overlap. Floor stickers are an extremely effective form of advertising or simply an information medium. The substrate for applying the stickers should be smooth and dry (terracotta, smooth industrial floors). The life of the stickers is closely related to the movement at the place of placement, but is estimated to be approximately 2-6 months in normal operation.

Supraprint Warszawa floor stickers are a very effective way to advertise your business at the point of sale that our printing house offers at a very good price. They are an interesting idea to curb the potential customer. Thanks to the anti-slip laminate, you can be sure that this type of advertising does not in any way affect the safety of your customers. For questions about our flooring stickers, please contact us by phone, e-mail or at the Supraprint office in Pruszkow (next to Warsaw). We invite you to get acquainted with the gallery of our realizations and to place orders. If you want to buy online, go to Supraprint24.