Crowd barrier control cover

The most important features:
– Full color CMYK print
– high resistance to weather conditions
– reinforced edge
– steel mesh forged around the net
– three materials to choose from: pvc mesh and polyester mesh, polyester knitted
– materials have flame retardancy certificates
– airy thanks to the perforated structure
– standard sizes: 202 x 88 cm, 220 x 92 cm, 240 x 92 cm, 245 x 88 cm
– any size suitable for your barrier is also possible

We are a manufacturer of advertising temporary covers. Mobile crowd barrier control have been created for short-term protection of various types of events or for the purpose of separating the area. Barriers can also be supports for building fences.

Barriers are good as party barriers during large events, separating audiences from the stage. They can also be used as barriers to traffic control during various types of mass events that require the exclusion of some streets. The safety barrier is always used when there is a need for a short-term separation of the area in order to carry out construction or renovation works, although it may also be a support for other types of fences. Barriers are very easy to transport, assemble and disassemble. You do not need employees with special qualifications to distribute them. The concert barriers are resistant to mechanical damage because they were made of high quality material, and additional corrosion protection of such stage barriers ensures long-term use.

Thanks to the perforated structure of the mesh, crowd control covers allow the air to flow without disturbing the integrity of the barrier, and at the same time they effectively release the area to the desired zones. We offer covers in the most popular sizes adapted to the construction of protection barriers. If you need a different size, then we can also do it.

There are three types of overlays to choose from:
BASIC – pvc mesh 300g grid with solvent or UV print.
STANDARD – pvc mesh mesh 300g with solvent or UV print.
PREMIUM – polyester mesh mesh 115g with sublimation printing.
ELITE – knitted polyester 200g with sublimation printing.

Printing materials and technologies used in the production process, offer the highest resistance to atmospheric conditions and UV radiation. Our pads have a fire resistance certificate. The PREMIUM polyester mesh is distinguished by its exceptional print quality and low weight and volume for transport.

The standard delivery time (production + delivery) is about 5 working days depending on the quantity. We start production from 1 piece. We offer graphic and design support.