Backlight film for lightbox

Graphics dedicated to illuminated signs and frames.

Backlits are printed on polyester film, fabrics and coated translucent banners. Dedicated raw materials dissipate and transmit light very well, especially when its stream is directed to the printout from the back. Thanks to this we get clear, vivid, juicy colors and strongly marked shapes, which definitely increases the attractiveness of graphics. Graphics for highlighting appear under several names as: backlit, backlight or lightbox. The special effect of saturated colors is obtained by double graphics printing. The maximum width depending on the chosen raw material is 320 cm, and the other side up to several meters.

Backlight – illuminated graphics is an attractive advertising medium, due to the deep color saturation after highlighting. Backlit allows much more to attract the attention of potential customers at the point of sale and is an alternative solution for extremely expensive duratrans technology. We produce backlits using ecological latex printing technology or UV printing. Standard deadlines do not create a few business days. The graphics printed on the fabric can be sewn by us with a silicon or pvc keder (stripe) with dimensions of 14 x 3 mm. Such a trimmed material is used for aluminum frame systems with tensioned graphics. Raw materials used to produce backlight have fire resistance certificate. Technologies used in production guarantee the highest resistance to color fading. If you want to buy online, go to Supraprint24.