Advertising flags: beachflag

Advertising flags are a spectacular form of visual communication, especially outdoors during events, at a beach, on a ski slope and at conferences. Thanks to various types of bases, masts can be mounted in any location, thus assuring optimal exposition of content. Additionally, the vertical layout of graphics distinguishes winders among other advertising carriers, providing better visibility.

Collapsible flag masts are made of anodic aluminium pipes. A flag is printed with use of the sublimation technology on the 115 g polyester fabric. Directly after printing, the material is heated in a furnace. This process assures presence of durable, deep colours with strongly visible graphics from the other side of the flag fabric and it guarantees that colours are weather-proof and resistant to UV radiation. We offer ready flags with a hemmed orifice for a flagstaff, a sewn supporting band and snap hooks. It is also possible to provide other finishing, if required.

The most important advantages of portable flag masts:
- easy and fast installation
- light
- portable
- low unit price

3 heights, 5 different shapes!

3 wysokości, 5 różnych kształtów!

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