Photographic precision and unmatched quality of print.

The HP Indigo solution allows us to offer low volume printing performed in a very short time.
We print on various 350 g materials:
- shine/matt chalk overlay paper, ornamental paper,
- self-adhesive films, magnetic paper,
- synthetic paper, polyester films.

Even in case of low volume printing, we offer print with the use of additional white colour on transparent or in-mass colour coated materials. Using the HP Electroink solution, we can also print on various textured materials.

The most often printed products include:
- business cards
- coupons, pricing gun labels
- leaflets, folder leaflets
- catalogues, folders
- brochures, training materials
- presentations
- invitations
- stickers, wobblers
- customized calendars

We offer to perform most finishing processes: glued and notebook binding, binding, scoring, filming, spot coating, drilling of orifices.